This web page provides daily updating statistics for the COVID-19 pandemic. As of 06 July, 2020, the Taiwan has 449 recorded cases and 7 recorded deaths. In the past 7 days, this has increase by 0% and 0% respectively.

Confirmed Cases 449
Deaths 7
Recovered 438
Number of Deaths Rank Globally 154th

Figure 1 shows the global trend in Coronavirus cases. Note it is plotted on a logarithmic scale: this is much more useful than a linear plot and fortunately are being increasingly used to display the statistics of the outbreak.. In situations like this where we are dealing with a exponential growth, logarithmic plots enable us to easily visualise the rate of change much easier. Plotted on this, we transform the exponential curve into a straight line. If the line gets steeper, it means the virus is spreading quicker, while reducing the gradient shows that the virus is getting under control.


Cumulative number of cases

Figure 1: Cumulative number of cases


Cumulative number of cases

Figure 2: Cumulative number of cases

Comparison Against other countries

Although cases may be more useful to understand the scale of the outbreak, it can be difficult to compare countries as there are very different testing schemes. The numbers of deaths give a more consistent comparison of statistics if we are trying to understand differences internationally, which are more consistently recorded. Using the deaths, we can understand the rate of spread of the virus, although it should be aware that deaths will typically occur around two weeks after infection. It therefore mean deaths lag behind any changes in public policy, so when governments introduce any measures, there will be a delay in when they see the impact within the data.

Daily Count

More charts will be added in the next few days. Make sure to check back for updates.


This analysis is largely based on the Johns Hopkins Novel Coronavirus Dataset, which is available here. It is an aggregation of a range of different Coronavirus datasets, and is seen as the best globally available. Countries may offer high resolution datasets, but these are not always made publicly available in an easy format, so may not make it into the dataset. It is possible that better data is available for your country of selection.

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Work by Michael Harper, 2020, CC BY 4.0